We LOVE The Learning Connection. The Center, itself, is very comfortable and welcoming. The teachers exude professionalism, competence and warmth. Linda, the Director, is not only on top of things, but also responsive to input from the family, and flexible in her approach to ensuring each child flourishes. My boys, who are fraternal twins, entered with different skill levels in reading and writing. They are both improving their skills rapidly this summer!!! If I had not already signed a contract at a local private school, I would enroll them in the Neilson Academy full time this fall. No other school that I visited offers so much personal attention, or programs equally customized to each child's needs. M.F.

     We are overjoyed at the wonderful service and support we receive from The Learning Connection. Aly has learned to speak English, sound out words, read and write. No matter how she is feeling when she arrives for her lesson, she leaves feeling happy and accomplished. A.B.

      I want to tell you how happy and confident I am about my math. Before in school when the teachers timed us, I usually wasn’t good until now. Yesterday Mrs. Patrick timed us in math. I got 2:20. Thank you for everything. C.C. age 7

      I am so thrilled with Samantha’s ability to do math! She has achieved that and so much more. She has gone far beyond what I had ever duplicated in math which is of course very impressive to me. But she does it QUICKLY! I really can’t get over it. D.S.

      Brittany was four years old when we enrolled her in your reading program, and I never dreamed that she would be reading at the first grade level in ten months. The results have exceeded my expectations. The quality of service is excellent and Brittany adores her teacher. J.E.

     Trust, compassion, acceptance, kindness, support...these are just a few words that describe the qualities that Linda, Bob and staff nurture at The Neilson Academy. What is most important is that they accept each student as an individual and develop a curriculum that carefully strengthens core levels of learning.  This in turn develops a more self confident child. Elliott had a very challenging time in the public school system before finding The Neilson Academy. Within six months Elliott has developed consistent work habits, he has learned an inner responsibility toward himself and a greater respect for others. The Neilson Academy creates a safe nurturing environment for this type of development. Elliott has a stronger sense of himself and understanding on how to realize his dreams of being an actor. The Neilson Academy embraces each child and their unique individual potential. As a parent I felt completely safe about dropping him off everyday. I, as a parent, felt supported knowing that Elliott was loved and honored, with compassionate direction. Elliott is a more confident and determined child which has much to do with the stewarding of this special school and staff. With Gratitude, E. M.

      Tiffany was unable to read simple words before she attended the Learning Connection. After a few sessions, she began to improve tremendously. She became very confident in sounding out words, to read in whole sentence structures, write sentences and stories in paragraphs. This is what you call "success".   She was able to accomplish this due to your program. J.T.

      Marisa’s learning just exploded! Her confidence in her ability to learn is so amazing - it influences every part of her life. She knows if she tries and practices, she can learn anything. L.R.

       Dana participates more in class and always volunteers to read out loud. We feel we have accomplished exactly what we set out to. A.C.

      I brought my son to you and he has had only 2.5 hours of tutoring in his math. You took his school materials that were sent home and I am SHOCKED at the change. He LOVES math now. T.T.

      Friday afternoon was a momentous occasion for me. As I watched my son Jeffrey age 4, read that first sentence, I had tears in my eyes. In the short time he has worked with you, my son has gained a confidence in himself that I don’t believe he’s ever had. Jeffrey has always had a great deal of certainty in his body, but not so much in himself. Yes, what you have accomplished leaves me exhilarated! I truly feel that the gift of reading is one of the most important gifts you can give. Thanks and here’s to many wonderful adventures in reading! K.R.

      At the end of my daughter’s second semester of 4th grade, we found she had a 1st grade reading level. After some panic and a couple of tutors we found The Learning Connection. They brought our daughter from a lst grade reading level to 5th within four months. Her confidence in other areas of life and her self-image did a complete turn-around. She is now happily back in school and the crisis is over. W.H.

      I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the incredible experience that my son Christopher, age 5, shared with you. You have taught him to love and master the art and skill of reading. It has opened new doors for him and his love of life is greatly enhanced. He now enjoys learning how to learn and this is reflected in his school progress reports. For all this I am most appreciative. C.C.

      My wife and I consider ourselves very fortunate to have found The Learning Connection to tutor our son, Justin, and bring him up to a 1st grade reading level in just a few months. Had we not found you, we might have "bought" the evaluation that he had a perceptual problem or dyslexia, and wasted our money and his time in trying to correct a problem that he, in fact, did not have. J.S.

      I like your math and because of that I am doing great in school! Y.N. age 6

      We have been surprised and impressed with how well and how quickly Lauren has moved along. She seemed interested so we decided to find out if a three-year-old could learn to read and indeed she can! The atmosphere is professional but very caring, interested, safe and supportive at the same time. Thank you! E.K.

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