The Basics


From 9am to 12 noon students are tutored through a variety of subjects in a relaxed, cheerful setting with competent and caring teachers. We have a teacher to student ratio of one to four (or fewer). Students are closely monitored to ensure that the subject matter is understood and that they are progressing rapidly. Parents receive written progress reports weekly. This setting allows student to catch up or get ahead.

Assessment of current functional grade levels in basic English and math helps pinpoint problem areas. The students receive individual programs either to polish up those basics or to continue with their regular grade levels. Each student sets targets with the teachers daily. Teachers work with the students emphasizing academic skills, self-motivation, and high independent production. When daily work is completed, each subject is corrected and returned to the student. Any errors are gone over with the student to ensure 100% understanding of all they study.

The Neilson Academy accepts students from 1st through 12th grade. Some students are behind when they arrive and need to catch up. If they have failed subjects in their prior high school, they will need to make up credits. Others are interested in graduating early and can do so because they can increase their own pace. The morning schedule from 9 am to noon allows students to pursue their goals or start on their careers while completing their education