The Learning Connection's phonetic reading program is designed to cover all the sounds and spellings in the English language. A preschooler will learn to read and write in 20 hours. We begin with the short vowels and teach the student to "slide" the sound together with a consonant. Confidence and success are gained because from the outset, related skills such as spelling and writing are taught. Comprehension is achieved in all areas and on all levels.

Elementary School

Students are tested to determine their present reading level. An individualized program is set up to handle their particular needs, and it is structured so that the students' reading is increased. They are brought up to their current grade levels and beyond.

Some students learn at a pace faster than, slower than, or differently from the one-size-fits-all approach of the typical class. Our one-on-one methods adjust to fit your child's needs, pace, and strengths. Older elementary school students also benefit from programs incorporating the exact skills of how to study.

Junior High and High School
Critical reading skills and comprehension, including the abilities to evaluate data, make inferences, research, and reach conclusions, frequently confuse or elude students in any grade. We evaluate the actual vocabulary and comprehension skills of the individual and target the specific components of reading and understanding that need enhancement. No two programs are identical. At times, an earlier level of reading or vocabulary has left a gap in your child's education which, ever since, has caused problems with school. Something can be done about it.

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